Sarah & August

Groom getting ready for the wedding - Sarah + August Baltimore wedding film #chasinghaben
Beautiful Bride - Sarah + August Baltimore Wedding Film #chasinghaben
Gallery Wall - Sarah & August Baltimore Wedding Film #chasinghaben
Bride and Groom married in Church ceremony - Sarah & August Baltimore Wedding Film #chasing haben
Fall Color Wedding Bouquet - Sarah & August Baltimore Wedding Film #chasinghaben
Sarah & August summer wedding Baltimore Harbor
Portrait of a Bride - Sarah & August Baltimore Wedding Film #chasinghaben

So if you all remember, a while back we did a wedding film giveaway in celebration of our move to the East Coast. We couldn't have been more excited that Sarah & August won our giveaway. With hearts of gold, this social-justice minded couple got married in Baltimore to a beautiful backdrop of family and friends. And it was so funny to recognize Sarah from my time at Notre Dame! 

Sarah & August fell for each other amidst school and their work with the poor in the inner city of Baltimore, and we have no doubt that this couple is going to do great things. Congratulations, you two!

Check out their wedding film, below!

Life Lately

Pascal just keeps getting cuter and cuter. I wrote this on my personal Instagram, but I figured I would write it again here:

I love this little boy so much that it actually hurts my heart. I never really understood how that was possible until I became a mother. I remember this crazy sensation that I felt when first meeting Max of my heart physically falling for him, like it was turning into mush. But then! I became a mother and Pascal has taken my heart and wrapped himself around it in a whole new way. It's like when the Grinch feels his heart start expanding & beating right out of his chest. As a spinoff thought, Max and I have talked about this before: that our unquenchable desire to squeeeze an adorable baby human or animal to pieces (I KNOW you know the feeling!) must somehow represent the longing we feel deep in our souls for heaven that we cannot fully satiate until we meet God in the beatific vision. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that Pascal is definitely going to get that second helping of ice cream when he asks for it.

Things this little boy currently loves:
- Making a stink face. It's hilarious. See picture below!
- That doorway jumper thingymabobber pictured below as well
- When mommy kisses his face like crazy when she lays him down for a nap
- This toy. Chewing on these swaddle blankets. And this book (which is currently on super sale!)
- Rolling over! He rolled over in the middle of the night last night and now he won't stop.
- When mommy tickles his face with her hair
- Kicking like crazy in the bathtub

Mother and child
Mother and Child
Mother and Child
Mother and Child

Giveaway Alert: Free Wedding Film!

As the saying goes, "The best things in life are free, especially when it's a wedding film." Okay, so maybe we made that up. Either way, Max and I are really excited to be doing a giveaway! In honor of our cross-country move to Washington DC, we thought it would be a great time to offer a gift to one lucky couple.

The details: we are giving away a free wedding film for the 2017-18 wedding season. Yes, you read that correctly! This is a no-gimmick gift that we are really excited to be giving out as a celebration of life and love. (Is that cheesy? It's true.) The gift is contingent on the date working with our schedule and the wedding must be located in the US, but it entails the standard wedding package. (Details found here, & examples of our work found here.)


That's it, folks! We couldn't be more thrilled to give you this opportunity.
May the best fiancé & fiancée win!

Claire & Tyler

Bride and Groom's first look from Claire and Tyler's classic, modern Minneapolis wedding | Chasing Haben Wedding Films
Wedding day makeup
Wedding day makeup
Aria Minneapolis

Right before we moved out to Washington DC, we had the pleasure of attending and filming our dear friends' wedding in Minneapolis. Claire and Tyler's wedding day was absolutely perfect in every way, from the beautiful couple to the unique venue to the gorgeous weather. Also, we love a good dance party and we were boogy-ing down to some sick beats, yes, even at 8 months pregnant :)

Claire and Tyler were surrounded by many close friends who were all so happy for them, and I remember feeling like the reception was full of such good vibes. It didn't hurt that the venue was an old industrial brick warehouse, which we are partial to!

Be sure to check out their wedding film, here:

Lazy Sundays

 Nowadays, we have to be so much more intentional about family time. Whether it's our computers or work that vie for our attention, the week seems to slip away too quickly with not enough time spent together. 

Max and I try our best to carve out Sundays as a day of rest with each other. The last few Sundays we have had fun meeting up with friends and exploring the city after Mass. Sometimes, we use it as an day to take family photoshoots :)

I know it seems silly since Pascal is only a few months old, but lately I have been reflecting on how important it is that we make sure he knows that he is loved and cared for, and that our home is a place of comfort and security for him. I truly believe that peace begins at home as Mother Teresa said, and not a day goes by that I am not cognizant of the fact that Pascal is a little sponge soaking up his environment. It is a big responsibility to raise little ones, but there is something so good about babies! (Obviously!) But what I mean is, they help us to step outside of ourselves and maybe, just maybe, let go of some of our innate selfishness. I find that Pascal helps me to be more aware that the world does not actually revolve around me, and that my actions actually do have a deep effect on another person's life. Marriage is the same way in a certain sense, but the thing with marriage is that it is two adults coexisting. You can still remain independent beings within your marriage if you so choose. But with babies -- they are one hundred percent dependent on you. So thank you, little Pascal, for helping me to step outside of myself, and thank you to God for entrusting this little being to us.