Mexico City: Day One

The Friday after we arrived to Mexico City, we did some sight-seeing around the historic city center. We actually used Uber to get around our entire time we were there, and it was perfectly safe and professional, and cheap. Many of our Uber drivers were wearing suit jackets and offered us peppermints and bottled water. SO nice. We haven't died yet, so it seems they weren't poisoned.

The first thing we did was venture into this gorgeous 17th century palace-turned boutique hotel Grupo Habita for some coffee and the most random breakfast ever - roasted tomato foccacia. I know - so Mexican of me. Kind of wish we stayed in this hotel because it was dreamy.

We then kept walking and made it to the largest square in the world which houses the National Palace and the infamous Mexico City Cathedral. These are the typical sites that are a must-see when going to Mexico City. The Cathedral has insane history and architecture and the National Palace does as well. There are famous murals by Diego Rivera on the wall all over the palace. Also, best part about both places - totally free. We also walked into some random churches and into San Ildefonso College. It used to be a Jesuit boarding school, but now it has grotesque murals all over the walls that I imagine are making the Jesuits roll over in their grave. 


For lunch, we headed to a different neighborhood - the Polanco neighborhood - for an epic lunch at Pujol. I think I need a blog post just on this restaurant. Pujol is a gourmet Mexican restaurant that is world-renowned and has been on multiple Top Restaurants of the World lists. Let's just say it was the most expensive meal of my life, but Max also said it was the best meal of his life which made it completely worth it :) It was an extremely special experience and we left with bellies full for over 24 hours.

From there, we went to the Roma North neighborhood which is pretty much the Brooklyn of Mexico City. We walked past hip coffee shop after hip coffee shop, and popped into some fun places to check them out, including Mercado Roma, an Eataly-inspired market offering specialty foods.

A long day of sightseeing, full of worthwhile stops. So far, Mexico City has proven to be a gem.

BTW - we purchased this Lomo instant camera for the trip along with some film which was the best purchase ever! We didn't use it nearly enough but it was so fun having a polaroid camera with us.