Chase us to DC!

So, kind of a lot has happened in the past few months, hence the lack of updates on the site. One of the biggest changes is that we moved to the East Coast a few months ago for a job opportunity for Max. This was one that we couldn't pass up because it was a video based job, one that fits a lot of his wants and desires for his career that we were just not finding back in Minnesota.  

Although we miss our family and friends back in the Midwest dearly, we are really enjoying life out here in Washington DC. There is something appealing to us in the big city culture -- lots to see, and lots to do. We have been having fun exploring the city and will have to share some of our favorite places with you. 

This of course means that we are now based out of DC for wedding films and other related ventures. Max is happy to travel, though, so keep us in mind for your wedding, no matter the location!