Lazy Sundays

 Nowadays, we have to be so much more intentional about family time. Whether it's our computers or work that vie for our attention, the week seems to slip away too quickly with not enough time spent together. 

Max and I try our best to carve out Sundays as a day of rest with each other. The last few Sundays we have had fun meeting up with friends and exploring the city after Mass. Sometimes, we use it as an day to take family photoshoots :)

I know it seems silly since Pascal is only a few months old, but lately I have been reflecting on how important it is that we make sure he knows that he is loved and cared for, and that our home is a place of comfort and security for him. I truly believe that peace begins at home as Mother Teresa said, and not a day goes by that I am not cognizant of the fact that Pascal is a little sponge soaking up his environment. It is a big responsibility to raise little ones, but there is something so good about babies! (Obviously!) But what I mean is, they help us to step outside of ourselves and maybe, just maybe, let go of some of our innate selfishness. I find that Pascal helps me to be more aware that the world does not actually revolve around me, and that my actions actually do have a deep effect on another person's life. Marriage is the same way in a certain sense, but the thing with marriage is that it is two adults coexisting. You can still remain independent beings within your marriage if you so choose. But with babies -- they are one hundred percent dependent on you. So thank you, little Pascal, for helping me to step outside of myself, and thank you to God for entrusting this little being to us.