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Pascal just keeps getting cuter and cuter. I wrote this on my personal Instagram, but I figured I would write it again here:

I love this little boy so much that it actually hurts my heart. I never really understood how that was possible until I became a mother. I remember this crazy sensation that I felt when first meeting Max of my heart physically falling for him, like it was turning into mush. But then! I became a mother and Pascal has taken my heart and wrapped himself around it in a whole new way. It's like when the Grinch feels his heart start expanding & beating right out of his chest. As a spinoff thought, Max and I have talked about this before: that our unquenchable desire to squeeeze an adorable baby human or animal to pieces (I KNOW you know the feeling!) must somehow represent the longing we feel deep in our souls for heaven that we cannot fully satiate until we meet God in the beatific vision. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that Pascal is definitely going to get that second helping of ice cream when he asks for it.

Things this little boy currently loves:
- Making a stink face. It's hilarious. See picture below!
- That doorway jumper thingymabobber pictured below as well
- When mommy kisses his face like crazy when she lays him down for a nap
- This toy. Chewing on these swaddle blankets. And this book (which is currently on super sale!)
- Rolling over! He rolled over in the middle of the night last night and now he won't stop.
- When mommy tickles his face with her hair
- Kicking like crazy in the bathtub

Mother and child
Mother and Child
Mother and Child
Mother and Child